2.5kg shoulder of lamb. Bone in, trim a little of the fat off the outside

1.5kg potatoes (waxy ones like desiree or charlottes) cut into big chunks

8 plum tomatoes, cut into wedges

6 long mild pickled chilli peppers

Peel and juice 1 lemon

Olive oil to rub on the lamb

Whole bulb garlic, cut across the centre

15g each dried marjoram and oregano

200ml (approx.) chicken stock

75g spinach

150g feta cheese


1. Put the spuds, garlic, toms, chilli in a lidded casserole dish or large roasting tin covered in foil. Season well

2. Sit the lamb on top, rub with oil, season well

3. Add the lemon and stock and sprinkle over the herbs.

4. Put the lid on and put in a 180c oven for 2.5-3hours

5. Check halfway through that it hasn’t dried out. If so add a little water

6. After 3 hours if the meat is falling apart, take off the lid. Add the spinach and feta and cook, uncovered for 10mins more (be patient, if it takes 3.5-4hrs so be it)

7. Serve big chunks of meat and all the other goodies