4 x sea bass fillets

oil and butter to fry

1 finely diced shallot

1 chopped garlic clove

25g mild curry powder

block coconut cream

200ml veg or chicken stock

400g brown shrimp

For the bhaji

3 sliced, caramelised onions

200g gram flour

salt & pepper

tsp chilli flakes

approx. 75ml water

tbsp chopped coriander stem

mango chutney to serve and diced tomato


1. Put the onion in a bowl, add everything except the water, mix well, then add enough water to make a thick batter (you may need less than listed)

2. Carefully place small dessertspoons of batter into fryer. Deep fry for 5 minutes at 160°c, stirring every now and then, drain

3. Oil the fish, season, then fry 3 minutes on skin side, then turn over on to flesh. Baste with butter, drain on kitchen roll

4. To make the sauce, gently fry shallot and garlic for 5 minutes

5. Add grated coconut cream, curry powder and a little stock, add enough stock to make a thick sauce

6. Cook for 5 minutes, add shrimp

7. Serve fish with sauce and bhaji

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