4 x 150g sea bass fillets

oil and butter and lemon to fry

200g cooked new spuds, halved

200g butter beans

150g edamame beans

100g baby prawns

handful blanched kale

50g peas

50g sp onions, chopped

For the sauce

50g Dijon

100ml white wine

360ml cream

Chopped parsley and dill


1. Oil and season the fish, cook 3 minutes each side- skin side down first- in a pan on a medium heat, finish with butter and lemon

2. Put all the veg in a frying pan, cook for 3 minutes

3. Add mustard and wine, bring to boil, reduce by half

4. Add cream, reduce by half, add prawns, cook for 2 minutes

5. Serve with fish and herbs

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