Makes 5 servings


15 fresh scallops

3 avocados

1 onion, chopped

1 piece of ginger, chopped

1 bunch of basil

300ml avocado oil

200g amaranth

10g annato seeds

300ml lime juice

100g yellow aji paste

200g black quinoa

5ml grape seed oil


1. Smash the avocados with an infusion of avocado oil and basil leaves. Add some chopped ginger, chopped and lime juice. Cover with a plastic film.

2. Cook the amaranth and black quinoa separately, both in simmering water. In a bowl, infuse the annato seeds into the avocado oil. Strain both the quinoa and amaranth, then add some salt and a splash of the infused avocado oil to each.

3. Make an emulsion of the yellow aji paste and lime juice.

4. Place some grapeseed oil in a skillet and sear the scallops. Cut in half when cold.

5. For plating, place the smashed avocado on a dish and cover with the black quinoa mix. Then, place the scallops halves on top and finish with the amaranth mix. Finally, add the yellow aji chili pepper emulsion to finish.

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