For the sauce

500g courgettes, seeds removed

1 clove garlic

1 bunch basil

30g parsley

50ml olive oil

10ml sherry vinegar

For the sardines

8 sardines, butterflied

juice 1 lemon

oil to brush

salt & pepper

4 slices sourdough, griddled

For the tomatoes

200g diced tomatoes, seeds removed

juice 1 lemon

75ml extra virgin olive oil

salt & pepper


1. To make the sauce, blanch the courgettes for 3 minutes, then put into iced water

2. Drain and pat dry

3. Blend with the herbs and garlic. Add lemon, oil and vinegar

4. Brush sardines with oil, griddle for 2 minutes each side, add lemon, season

5. Combine the tomatoes with lemon juice and olive oil, and season

6. To serve, spoon some sauce onto the toast, add sardines, and sprinkle on the tomatoes

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