4 x 175g salmon fillets

100ml olive oil

15g smoked paprika

juice n zest 1 lemon

Dressing – 75g mayo

75g crème fraiche

juice and zest 1 lime

50g tomato ketchup

half very finely diced red onion

10g finely chopped gherkin

15ml Tabasco

250g blanched tender stem broccoli

juice n zest 1 lemon

tsp chilli flakes

15ml light soy

Garnish with parsley and lemon wedges


1. Mix the oil, paprika, lemon and sit the salmon in the marinade for 1 hour

2. Transfer to a roasting dish and bake at 200c for approx. 10 minutes

3. Dressing – mix it all together

4. Heat a little oil in a wok, add the stem, then stir fry with the chilli, lemon and soy for 3 minutes

5. Serve with fish and sauce