1 finely sliced red onion

2 cloves sliced garlic

2 x 400g tins young jackfruit, drained

200g tinned chopped toms

tbs smoked paprika

tbs hot sauce

90g BBQ sauce

tbs cider vinegar

1 chopped mango

6 x soft corn tortillas (150mm)

handful shredded iceberg lettuce

For the salsa

2 avocados, lightly crushed with a fork

6 finely chopped plum toms (deseeded)

handful chopped coriander

juice and zest 2 limes

tsp chilli flakes

half finely diced cucumber (deseeded)

salt & pepper

sour cream (optional for non vegans)


1. Cook the onion, garlic for 10 minutes on low heat

2. Add the rest, half cover and cook for 30 minutes, stir every now and again (may need a little more water)

3. Break the mix into a shredded/pulled mix

4. Salsa – mix it all together

5. Serve warm tacos with the lettuce on the base, then jackfruit, then salsa

6. Top with more hot sauce and sour cream (unless vegan)