4 x sour dough burger buns

200g sweet German mustard

100g Mayonaise

4 x 150g pieces pork tenderloin

100g flour

3 beaten eggs

200g breadcrumbs

For the sauerkraut

Half head white cabbage

Half white onion

100ml white wine vinegar

30g honey

100g demerara sugar

1 bay leaf


Garnish with chopped roasted hazelnuts and gherkins


1. Sauerkraut - Shred cabbage, slice onion, mix together, cover with foil, roast 1 and a half hours

2. Baton out each piece of pork, then dip in flour, egg then crumbs

3. Shallow fry in butter for about 4mins each side, drain on kitchen towel

4. Mix mayo with mustard

5. Serve each with on burger buns with mustard spread on the bottom, then pork, then sauerkraut ( also nice with smoked German cheese grilled on top of the pork)