4 x soft ‘sub’ style rolls

600g aged rump steak

1 onion, sliced

2 red and 2 green peppers, sliced

2 cloves garlic

2tsp chilli flakes

Oil to fry

30g butter

150g provolone cheese

100g grated mature cheddar

4 slices American cheese

100g full fat cream cheese

4 tbs American yellow mustard

Serve with potato wedges, hot sauce, pickles


1. Fry the onion for 15mins with the garlic until caramelised.

2. Add the peppers cook 5mins more.

3. Slice the steak into strips and fry in a separate pan, for 2-3mins.

4. Add the peppers and onions.

5. Divide the mix into 4 within the pan, top with cheese slice, then mix of the provolone and cheddar.

6. Cover, simmer for 3mins until the cheese melts.

7. Spread cream cheese and mustard on the base of each bun, toasted.

8. Lift on the meat mix.

9. Pop on the lid.

10. Wrapping each tightly in parchment, then foil.