1 x 3lb chicken - spatchcocked


3 cloves garlic

tbs ground cumin

tbs olive oil

tbs paprika

tsp dried oregano

tbs salt

tsp black pepper (5g)

juice and zest 2 lemons


Bunch coriander, chopped

1 green chilli

clove garlic

juice and zest 2 limes

125g mayo


250g cooked baby new spuds, cold

1 chopped avocado

handful rocket

3 finely sliced spring onions

1 half mooned cucumber

Dress with extra virgin olive oil and lemon and salt


1. Spice rub – combine till smooth

2. Rub some under the skin and the rest all over the bird. Roast at 180c for approx. 1 hour

3. Mayo – blend everything except the mayo. Fold in the mayo by hand

4. Serve big chunks of chicken with salad and dipping sauce.