For the Jelly –

600g chopped/sliced strawberries

Juice 1 lime and zest

30g sugar

4 leaves gelatin

400ml elderflower presse or cordial (diluted as per bottle

50ml rose water

1 swiss roll cut into slices

100ml sherry

2 sliced babanas

Custard –

6 egg yolks

125g sugar

40g flour

2 vanilla pods

400ml milk

200ml whipped cream

200g smooth peanut butter

Tsp turmeric

350ml whipped cream, mixed with 100g icing sugar and 100g thick greek yoghurt

100s and 1000s and extra strawberries to decorate


1. Puree half the strawberries

2. Toss the rest of the strawberries in the lime, sugar, rose and leave 20mins.

3. Put the swiss roll around the sides of in a large glass bowl and splash on the sherry so it absorbs into the cake.

4. Add the strawberries and bananas

5. Soak the gelatin in water for 5mins.

6. Bring half the elderflower to a simmer, take off heat

7. Squeeze out the water form gelatin

8. Add to the pan with the rest of the elderflower, whisk til dissolved. Stir in strawberry puree

9. Pour over cake and fruit. Chill until set

10. custard – beat the yolks, turmeric, sugar and flour together.

11. Meanwhile bring the milk and vanilla just up to the boil

12. Now pour onto the egg mix, beat well, then put back on the heat until it’s thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. Cover and chill until really cold

13. Fold in whipped cream and PB– spoon on top of the jelly

14. Add the cream mix, decorate and serve