100g sugar

6 passion fruit

100ml water


3 separated eggs

200g sugar

juice 2 lemons

8 passion fruit

50g flour

250ml milk

50g butter

about 24 raspberries

whipped cream to serve


1. Sauce – boil the sugar and water for 5mins. Take off the heat add the passion fruit

2. Pudding - Whisk the egg yolks and sugar for 5 minutes

3. Add the passion fruit, lemon, yolk mix, flour and milk to form a batter

4. Whisk the whites till stiff and fold in

5. Put the fruit in the bottom of a greased floured souffle dish. Spoon over the batter and bake in a bain mairie for 50mins at 180C

6. Cool a bit, spoon into the bowl add passion fruit sauce and cream