1kg chicken thighs and legs

2 diced onions

3 cloves sliced garlic

30mm piece grated ginger

10g ground coriander

10g ground cumin

10g paprika

5g turmeric

5g cayenne

450ml chicken stock

100g green olives

juice and zest 1 lemon

2 chopped tomatoes

300g carrots

100g butter

50g harissa

cooked tabouleh, parsley and coriander to serve



1. Brown all the chicken in batches, season and remove

2. Add the onion, cook 5mins. Add the spices, cook 5mins

3. Add chicken, mix well, add stock

4. Bring to the boil, simmer and cover for 25mins. Add tomatoes, olives

lemon juice and zest

5. Carrots – oil the carrots. Fry for 5mins, to colour

6. Add butter, then roast at 180c for about 20mins

7. Season and harissa

8. Serve the chicken on top of the tabouleh and with a bowl of carrots on the side

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