400g cubed spuds

2 cloves crushed garlic

75ml oil

1 tsp cayenne

1tbsp mild curry powder

75g peas

350g fully trimmed monkfish tail

Oil and 75g butter to fry

1 lime, halved

300g Greek yoghurt

Zest and juice 1 lime

1 tbs honey

Chopped mint and coriander to garnish


1. Toss the spuds in oil, salt, then add the spices and garlic. Roast 20mins at 200c, shaking every now and again.

2. Add the peas.

3. Oil the fish, fry 6mins, turning every 2 mins. Finish with butter.

4. Chargrill the lime, cut side for 5 mins.

5. Yoghurt – mix together with the lime juice and honey.

6. To serve – spoon half the yoghurt on each plate.

7. Add spuds n peas, top with fish, add herbs and the charred lime.