800g monkfish tail, fully trimmed, cut into 20mm pieces

1 thinly sliced lemon

olive oil

salt & pepper


200g edamame beans

1 head of fennel, very thinly sliced

75g blanched kale

50g cooked quinoa


125ml red wine vinegar

1 tsp salt

3 garlic cloves

1finely diced shallot

1 red chilli, chopped

handful chopped coriander (including stem)

45g chopped parsley

4 sprigs chopped oregano

200ml extra virgin olive oil


1. Put the fish and lemon on metal skewers (alternate). Season well, brush with olive oil, grill/BBQ for 8 minutes, turning occasionally (you want it nice and charred)

2. Dressing – chop it all together

3. Salad – put in a bowl, add a little olive oil, season well, then add 2 spoons of chimichurri and toss

4. Serve salad, topped with fish and spoon on more chimichurri