Ingredients (serves 12 hungry horses)

175g crushed digestive biccies

100g melted butter

450g full fat ricotta cheese

450g cream cheese

150g sugar

6 whole eggs

splash vanilla extract

200g condensed milk

100g honey

200g pistachios

50g honey

200g sugar


1. to make the base combine the biccies and butter and press it into a 23cm spring sided cake tin.

2. for the topping just put the cheese, sugar, milk and honey and eggs into a blender and pulse until smooth. Don’t worry if the mix seems a bit runny, the 6 eggs will set it. Spoon onto the base

3. cook at 175c/ 350f/ g4 for about an hour. The cheesecake should be springy and just set in the middle.

4. For the nut brittle, warm the honey and sugar, then boil to make a caramel

5. Add the nuts, quickly pour onto a tray, set, then break up to make a brittle. Add the blender to break up more.

6. Serve a wedge of cake with a scattering of brittle and more honey