3 mangoes, chopped

juice n zest 1 lime

125g top thick part of coconut milk (2 cans)

2tsp agar-agar dissolved in approximately 125ml boiled water

2 tsp maple syrup


100g rolled oats

25g chopped hazelnuts

15g chopped pecans

15g raisins

10g desiccated coconut

75ml maple syrup

25g demarera sugar

2 sliced bananas

50g blueberries


1. Puree 5 of the mangoes, whisk with the coconut, lime and maple syrup

2. Bring the water to the boil, add agar-agar, then cook 3-4 minutes

3. Cool a little add the mango mix

4. Divide the fruit and remaining mango into 6 bowls/glasses. Chill

5. Topping – mix it all together, roast at 150C for approximately 12 minutes until rich golden brown

6. Cool, then serve crumbled on top of the puds