Supermarket Ciabatta rolls x 2

100g mayonnaise

A splash of the vinegar in your cupboard (Malt? White WIne?)

Leftover sauce from any meat or veggie main dish

Shredded leftover meat, chicken satay, beef/duck etc (even dumplings or spring rolls would be good)

Any spare uncooked vegetables, cucumber or spring onions from duck pancakes for example.

ΒΌ ice burg lettuce (or other salad you might have), sliced and/or a rogue spring onion Handful of coriander Leftover Singapore Noodles

1 small pack of Instant Ramen noodles, deep fried then crushed up.

A handful of uncooked vermicelli sweet potato starch noodles, thrown into the deep fryer until they turn into snakes (optional)

4 x Leftover Prawn toasts

Leftover Crispy seaweed, enough to sprinkle on top of the filling.


1.Ciabatta - wet and re-bake for 5-7 minutes on 180c to regain its original composure and make it all nice and soft inside and crunchy again on the outside.

2.Mayo – Mixed with leftover sauce from Beef and Black Bean Sauce or any meat dish you have left over in the delivery. Something rich is better and heat the sauce in a pan before mixing into the mayonnaise, it combines much better. Then add a big splash of whatever vinegar you have kicking about too.

3.Meat – any leftover meat you have, Max will be using up his left over chicken satay. Shred down the meat off the skewers and reheat in some water and some of their sauce.

4.Salad – The leftover spring onion and cucumber strips from duck pancakes, dressed with the remaining vinegar from your dumplings, or even some leftover hoisin mixed with some vinegar.

5.Then mixed with some lettuce, a spring onion and some coriander.

6 Max is going to refry some leftover Singapore Noodles from his takeaway and, because he's naughty, top up with extra noodles from the cupboard. Everyone usually has a packet of noodles in the cupboard.

Ramen (instant) noodles are great as they go golden and super crunchy then you deep fry them, but even more fun is sweet potato starch, vermicelli noodles, which do something bonkers!!!

7. Two leftover pieces of prawn toast, chopped into chunks and refried into croutons is one of the best ideas ever, drained on to kitchen roll after frying. Prawn Crackers aren't a bad idea either - but they can go a bit chewy if you're making the sandwich and then taking it to work. Keep the crackers separate and pop 'em in just before devouring your sarnie.


8.Slice the ciabatta in two, horizontally. Slather the top with a very generous amount of your mayo, covering every bit.

Cover the bottom half with the reheated meat making sure it's not TOO wet.

Then sprinkle your crushed up Ramen Noodles on, if you had them, or whack your refried Singapore Noodles on. Then the salad, dressed to your taste and according to availability. Sprinkle the mayo'd top with the prawn toast croutons first, then the seaweed.

Lid on, bit of a squish, chop in half. Devour.