2.5kg lamb leg

Tin butter beans, drained

1 sliced onion

3 cloves sliced garlic

4 sprigs rosemary

50g butter

2 sliced leeks

few sprigs thyme

150ml white wine

500ml lamb stock

15g smoked paprika

sauce - salsa verde:

bunch flat leaf parsley

handful mint

tbs tarragon

15g capers

15g anchovies

15g Dijon mustard

lots of olive oil


1. Seal the lamb in a hot pan, remove

2. Lay the onion and garlic in a roasting dish

3. Spoon in the beans, herbs and liquid, mixed with the paprika

4. Sit the lamb on top

5. Roast at 180c for approx. 2 hours.

6. Rest for 20 minutes

7. Sauce – chop it all together

8. Serve slices of lamb with sauce, beans and crusty bread