450g king prawns, peeled but tail shell on

4 cloves sliced garlic

1 tsp chilli flakes

100ml olive oil

juice of 1 lemon

15ml dry sherry

200g sliced chestnut mushrooms

4 chopped salted anchovies

30g butter

To serve


mixed with lemon, sea salt, smoked paprika, garlic, chopped flat leaf parsley to serve

lots of crusty bread to dip into the sauce


1. Fry the mushrooms in oil, move to one side of the pan.

2. Warm the oil in a pan with the garlic and chilli, after 3 minutes turn up the heat, add the prawns, sauté for 5 minutes until pink and opaque, add sherry, anchovy and lemon, cook 2 minutes more and serve.

3. For the mayo, mix all the mayo ingredients together.

4. Eat by dipping into the mayo and bread into the sauce.

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