For the pickle

150ml white wine vinegar

150ml water

300g sugar

1 tspn chilli flakes

1 tspn peppercorns

1 tspn coriander seeds

1 tspn turmeric


half head cauliflower florets

15 baby carrots

1 courgette batoned

For the fritata

250g sliced chestnut mushrooms

25ml olive oil

25g butter

12 eggs

125g crème fraiche

200g shredded fontina cheese

30g chopped flat leaf parsley

75g blanched kale


1. Pickle – boil the pickle ingredients for 5 minutes, season

2. Add the veg, leave for at least 24 hours,

3. To make the frittata, fry the mushrooms until crisp in butter and oil in a medium frying pan

4. Whisk the eggs, crème fraiche, add 2/3 cheese and kale

5. Pour over mushrooms, cook for 5 minutes on medium heat until beginning to set

6. Add rest of cheese, then bake at 180°c for 30-35 mins , cool and turn out, serve with the pickle.

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