1 x 1.5 – 2kg duck

15g salt

20g all spice berries

1 nutmeg

8 habanero chillies

150ml soy

50ml dark rum

50ml rice vinegar

10g sugar


1 x ripe mango,

1 x red pepper

iceberg lettuce

3 x spring onions.

serve with flour tortillas, hot sauce, salad, sour cream


1. With a very sharp knife cut through the duck skin, not into the flesh. Season really well. Put into a resealable bag

2. Crush the spices, then blend with rum, soy etc to form a marinade

3. Put all this into the bag, massage well. Leave overnight

4. Put the duck on a rack in a foil lined roasting dish

5. Roast at 220C for 12 minutes, then drop the temp to 150C. Roast for approx. 2.5 hours until rich and dark

6. Rest for about 20 minutes, then shred.

7. Finely chop up all the salad ingredients and mix together.

8. Serve with all the goodies.