900g boneless, skinless chicken thighs

2 red peppers, cut into chunks

8 flat breads

1 shredded head of baby gem

For the jerk seasoning

1 onion

3 spring onions

1 scotch bonnet chillies

2 cloves garlic

tbsp 5 spice powder

tbsp all spice berries

tbsp white pepper

tsp dried thyme

tsp nutmeg

100ml soy

50ml vegetable oil

For the salsa

1 diced red onion

1 mango, diced

1 scotch bonnet, finely chopped

1 clove garlic

juice and zest 2 limes

1 cucumber, deseeded and diced

50g chopped coriander

garnish with sour cream and coconut shavings


1. To make the marinade, blend until smooth, add chicken and leave overnight.

2. Bring up to room temperature, then skewer onto metal skewers. (4 pieces of chicken, 3 of pepper).

3. Grill/bbq/griddle for 15 minutes in total, turning every now and again. You want them nice and charred.

4. For the salsa, mix all ingredients together.

5. To serve, warm the flat breads, add lettuce, then chicken, then salsa, the sour cream and coconut, wrap up and scoff.

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