200g Ikejime Kingfish (or another meaty white fish)

20g pickled fennel

100ml tangerine sauce

50ml tarragon oil

fennel pollen, optional

For tangerine sauce

4 tangerines

Segment the tangerines until you have 16 pieces, place to one side for later. The rest juice

Reduce down your juice on a medium heat until you almost syrup consistency

Take off heat and chill

For pickled fennel

2 tbsp caster sugar

2 tbsp rice vinegar

4 tbsp water

Bring sugar, vinegar and water to the boil

Shave your fennel on a mandolin or as thin as you can get it

Add to hot liquor and remove from heat. Leave to infuse for as long as possible ideally overnight. The pickles will better with age and time.


1. Slice your fish into 4 pieces per portion and arrange neatly on a plate

2. Add a piece of pickled fennel on top of each fish

3. Then add a tangerine segment on each fish

4. Finish with a piece of tarragon on top each segment

5. Add your tangerine sauce outside the fish along with some dots of tarragon oil

6. Garnish with fennel pollen for that added punch of flavour

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