This recipe was provided by our Guest Chef Jose Pizarro.

Makes 3 large burgers, or 12 small mini sliders.

For the burger patty

400gr Minced Iberian pork meat

0,8gm Salt

10gm Mustard

0,3gm Ground black pepper

10gm Lilliput capers

2 small Spring onion, finely chopped

1,5gm Pimenton de la Vera

10gm Gherkin, finely chopped

12x Mini Burger buns

For the Allioli

10gm Garlic

100gm Olive oil

200gm Sunflower oil

10gm Salt

1 Large Egg

15gm Lemon Juice

For each burger

100gm Spanish onion

2 slices Jamon Iberic

15gm Grated Manchego

1. Burger - Mix all the ingredients with the minced ibérico meat into 50gm Mini burgers.

2. For the Allioli - Add to a blender, the egg, the garlic clove and the salt. Start blending the ingredients and add slowly the mix of the two oils until it’s emulsified. At last add the lemon juice.

3. Fry the onion in olive oil on a gentle heat so it does not burn and it becomes brown and sweet.

4. Grill the burgers in a hot frying pan at the same time add the burger bun upside down to toast them.

5. Warm up the sweet onion and place it on the base of the bread.

6. On top place the burger the grated manchego and the 2 slices of Jamon and onion.