500g mashed spuds

500g flaked hot smoked salmon

25g capers

15g chopped dill

100g flour

3 beaten eggs

200g breadcrumbs

50g fine oats

For the salad

3 cooked beets, finely diced

3 finely chopped spring onions

handful rocket

2 segmented oranges (keep the juice)

For the salad

100g heather honey

juice from the oranges above

50g Dijon mustard

50ml sherry vinegar

200ml olive oil


1. To make the fishcakes, mix everything together then mould into 100g fish cakes

2. Roll in flour, egg, crumb and oat mix, then shallow fry for 8 minutes total

3. To make the salad, put everything in a bowl

4. To make the dressing, whisk everything together and dress the salad, serve with the fish cake

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