100g pancetta lardons

1kg baby potatoes

50g total of chopped mint and parsley

1 tsp mint sauce

75g cubed butter

75g parmesan

For the dipping sauce

50g Dijon

50g honey

150g sour cream


1. Fry the lardons until crisp. Transfer to a large bowl, and the cooking fat

2. Add the spuds, butter, herbs and sauce. Season well

3. Put 2 pieces parchment (about 400mm long) on a board. Top both with another piece at an angle

4. Divide the spuds between 2 baking trays, wrap up and roast at 200°c for 1 hour

5. To make the sauce, whisk together the three ingredients

6. When the spuds are done, open the parcels and grate on the parmesan

7. Dip into the sauce

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