Ingredients (feeds 4)

For the Parcels:

4 pieces rolled out puff pastry 150mm squares

egg – beaten

2 shallots

clove crushed garlic

200g brown caps

250g assorted mushrooms

150g shelled, roasted hazelnuts

50ml port

30g piece cold butter

200g full fat cream cheese

handful sesame seeds

Salt and pepper to taste

For the Sauce:

2 shallots

clove garlic

15g fresh thyme

350ml red wine

75g red currant jelly

150ml veg stock

30g butter

Salt and pepper to taste

a little watercress to garnish


For the Parcels:

1. Fry the shallot and garlic until soft, add the brown caps first and cook until soft, add the rest of the mushrooms and the nuts, then the port and reduce a little.

2. Finally add the butter, remove from the heat and drain for as long as possible.

3. Place a piece of cheese on each piece of pastry, then some mushy mix. Roll up into a ball, brush with egg wash, top with sesame seeds and chill 20 mins minimum.

4. Cook at 200c for 20 minutes until the pastry is golden.

For the Sauce:

5. Gently fry the shallot, garlic and thyme until soft. Add the wine and reduce by a 1/3.

6. Add the stock, bring to boil and reduce by half

7. Add the red current jelly, reduce a little more then whisk in the butter

8. Serve the parcel on the watercress with sauce drizzled around the edge.