4 x 150g hake fillets

oil and butter to fry

450g mashed potato

150g butter

15g Dijon mustard

half head shredded cabbage

200g cooked puy lentils

150g smoked bacon lardons

1 finely diced carrot

zest 1 lemon

3 chopped spring onions

200ml chicken stock

75g butter


1. Oil the fish, fry 4mins skin side down. Flip over cook 3mins, baste with lots of butter, squeeze over some lemon

2. Mash – beat the butter into the warm mash, season well

3. Fry the bacon til crispy

4. Add the carrot and cabbage, cook 2mins. Add the lemon zest.

5. Add the rest and cook 4mins

6. Beat in the butter

7. Serve a quenelle of mash, spoon over the cabbage mix, sit the fish on top