Ingredients (feeds 6)

2 aubergines

salt & pepper

Veg oil for griddling

For the dressing:

5 small red chillies

1 cloves garlic

juice 2 lemons

50ml rice vinegar

25mm piece grated ginger

100ml vegan coconut yoghurt

15g cumin seeds


1. Cut the aubergines into wedges, or if they’re massive, into chunks. Put them in a bowl and toss in the oil and season with plenty of salt

2. Next griddle them on a hot pan until charred

For the dressing:

3. Simply combine all the ingredients in a processor. I tend to do the dry ingredients first to make it smooth

4. next dry fry the cumin seeds until fragrant, then crush them in a mortar and pestle and combine with the yoghurt

To serve:

5. Arrange the aubergines on plates, spoon some dressing over, top with cumin yoghurt and coriander leaves