250g butter

2 cloves sliced, smoked garlic

250ml IPA beer

250ml water

60g Old Bay seasoning

1kg king prawns, deveined but shell on

lemon wedges

For the cocktail sauce

200g mayo

25g hot sauce

50g tomato ketchup

10ml champagne vinegar


1. Melt the butter gently in a pan. Skim off the white froth, take off the heat and allow to settle (the milk solids will fall to the base)

2. Pour carefully into a bowl, making sure the solids stay in the pan

3. Add the garlic, mix well, keep warm

4. In another pan, bring the water, beer and old bay to the boil

5. Add prawns, cover and cook 4 minutes, drain well

6. Make the cocktail sauce by simply mixing together all the ingredients

7. Toss the prawns in extra Old Bay, serve with the butter, sauce and lemon

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