4 x sea bass fillets

4 x brioche burger buns

100g very finely shredded white cabbage

75ml olive oil

juice & zest 1 lemon


150g flour

50g rice flour

tsp baking powder

300ml lager

tartare sauce

100g mayo

50g greek yoghurt

30g chopped capers

30g chopped gherkins

juice half lime

450g cooked new spuds, halved – (hot)

75g Dijon

tsp chilli flakes

125ml olive oil

30ml white wine vinegar

chopped parsley


1. Skin the bass, season

2. Toss the cabbage in lemon and oil, season well, chill 20 mins minimum

3. Batter – mix the dry ingredients, then slowly whisk in the beer

4. Dust the bass in flour, then batter and deep fry for 6mins at 180c, drain

5. Tartare sauce- mix it all together

6. Spud salad – put the warm spuds in a frying pan, add the mustard, vinegar and chilli, coat well, add the oil, season and add parsley

7. Serve a bun with tartare sauce, then cabbage, then fish, then more tartare sauce

8. Put the spud salad on the side.