4 x 175g salmon fillets

300ml honey

200ml hot sauce

2 sliced chilli

120g butter

75ml balsamic vinegar

75ml soy

Ingredients for the salad

400g cooked giant cous cous

8 chopped sp onions

12 chopped blanched green beans

100g toasted cashews, chopped

100g finely shredded spinach

Garnish with a handful chopped coriander and mint.


1. Mix honey, hot sauce, sliced chilli, butter, balsamic vinegar and soy in a pan and heat until combined.

2. Lay the salmon in a dish and pour over about 2/3 of the sauce.

3. Bake at 200C for 12 minutes.

4. Mix the cous cous with the ingredients and pour over the remaining sauce and mix well.

5. Flake the salmon into the mix together with all the sauce.

6. Serve with the herbs and lime.

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