300g pack pickled baby beets

(or 300g baby beets, boiled for approx. 20 minutes in 200ml vinegar, 200ml water and 300g sugar, 50g salt – then cooled)


125g plain flour

1 egg

125ml ice cold water


1tsp chilli flakes

oil to deep fry


200g gorgonzola

50g finely grated parmesan

tbs cornflour, mixed with approx. 25ml water to form a paste

300ml evaporated milk

100g roasted walnuts

50g sliced jalapenos


1. Batter – whisk the egg into the flour, add the water and chilli

2. Add the beets, deep fry for approx. 5 mins - drain

3. Sauce – heat everything except the corn flour on a low heat until it all melts and comes together

4. Add the corn flour, whisk well, cook 5mins. Keep warm

5. Spoon the sauce in to a bowl, top with walnuts and jalapenos