6 boiled eggs (4 mins, then left in cold water to go cold)

275g sausage meat

75g black pudding

2 tsp vindaloo curry powder

tbs chopped parsley

tbs finely chopped chives

salt and white pepper

125g flour

egg wash

75g breadcrumbs

75g polenta

veg oil to deep fry

dipping sauce – 200g brown sauce

tsp Tabasco or other brand


1. Mix the sausage meat, black pudd, herb, curry, chives and plenty of seasoning

2. Divide into 6, press flatten ,then wrap the meat around the eggs

3. Now flour, egg wash and crumb

4. Deep fry at 180°c for 6-8 mins, turning regularly

5. Dipping sauce – combine it all

6. Serve sat on a little sauce, garnish with mustard cress and baby herbs

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