500g steak mince

75g pancetta

1 carrot

half onion

2 cloves garlic

1 stick celery – all the above finely diced

about 6 sage leaves

70g tomato puree

10g marmite or any other yeast extract

500ml beef stock

100ml cream

500g cooked sliced new spuds

75g gruyere

75g grated parmesan

serve with garlic bread


1. Cook pancetta, remove

2. Cook mince, remove

3. Cook the veg and garlic 5 minutes

4. Add the meat back in, then marmite, then puree. Cook 6 minutes

5. Add the stock and sage. Bring to boil

6. Simmer 45 minutes

7. Finish with cream. Put into an ovenproof dish, add spuds n cheese

8. Grill for 6 minutes

9. serve