Makes 6


200g mashed spud (cooked, drained, but not refreshed)

50g grated celeriac

250g fresh crab (200g white 50g brown meat)

salt & pepper

1 tbs chopped parsley

1 tsp salt

2tsp spring onion

100g flour, 2 eggs wash and 200g BRIOCHE breadcrumbs to roll etc


1 diced onion

1 clove garlic

250g red pepper, chopped

100ml chicken stock

75g crème fraiche


100ml water

100ml white wine vinegar

10g coriander seeds

100g sugar

tsp chilli flakes

1 cucumber, deseeded, cut into half moons


1. Gently mix the spud etc together, then mould into 100g ‘cakes’. Chill 20 minutes

2. Roll in flour, egg, then CRUMBS and shallow fry for about 8 minutes

3. Pickle – bring the sugar, water, vinegar, chili to boil – boil 5 minutes, cool completely, then add cucumber

4. Sauce – gently fry onion and garlic for 5 minutes

5. Add pepper and stock, bring to boil, boil 15 minutes

6. Puree, add crème fraiche

7. serve