Coffee Cocktail Ingredients and Methods


100ml Ginger Ale

50ml Cold Brew coffee

10ml Grand Marnier

25ml Vodka

10ml Simple Syrup

½ Slice Orange

½ Slice Lemon

1 wedge Cucumber

1 Sprig Fresh Mint

2 Cocktail Cherries

Fill a 12 oz glass of ice cubes

Add (or pre-mix into a jug): cold brew, grand marnier, vodka and simple syrup

Pour the mixture over ice

Top to fill the glass with ginger ale

Decorate with half lemon and orange slice

Place two cocktail cherries on a wood skewer

Plunge the stick in the cocktail and add the cucumber wedge

Place the mint sprig and serve with a straw

DRINK TWO - Coffee Negroni

25ml Coldbrew

25ml Campari

25ml Sweet Vermouth (Martini Rosso)

25ml 1616 Barrel Aged Gin

2 dashes Angostaura Bitters

1 Orange Peel

Add all ingredients to cocktail shaker with ice and stir, then strain in to glass filled with ice and garnish with orange peel.


15ml Espresso

25ml Gin

100ml Tonic Water

5ml Sugar Syrup

2 Strips Ginger

4 Juniper Berries


Fill glass with ice. Pour in sugar syrup, add tonic and stir. Add in your juniper berries and ginger for the decoration. Pour espresso on top to create a layer on the surface. Serve with a straw