4 x 170g cod loins

50g of spinach

50g of peas

1/2 a lemon

For the Parmentier potatoes

700g diced potatoes (25-30mm dice)

75ml oil

75g melted butter

10g chopped garlic

salt & pepper

For the pesto crumb

1 bunch basil leaves

15g toasted pine nuts

125g parmesan, grated

175ml extra virgin olive oil

clove garlic

150g fresh breadcrumbs (brioche)

For the butter sauce

150ml white wine

100ml cream

50g butter

juice half lemon

salt & pepper


1. To make the potatoes, heat the oil in a tray, add spuds, toss well, add butter, repeat. Season well, roast at 200°c for about 30 minutes, turning once to brown all over.

2. Add the spinach and peas.

3. To make the crumb, first make the pesto by blending until smooth, then add the breadcrumbs.

4. To cook the fish, season and squeeze on some lemon juice. Spoon some of the crumb on top then bake at 200°c for 10 minutes

5. To make the butter sauce, first reduce the wine by half. Add the cream and butter, and whisk over heat to thicken. Add lemon, then season and remove from heat

6. Serve the fish on top of the spuds with sauce in a small jug on the side.

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