Black Cherry Godfather

The original Godfather, was a classic. But for me – too sweet. This fruity and dry version of black cherry compliments the scotch and makes for a beautiful variant. I love the fresh-dryness of black cherries. Unfortunately, not available all year. But nonetheless this drink has taken its inspiration from this delicious fruit.


30ml//1oz Johnnie Walker whisky

30ml//1oz black cherry liqueur (recipe below)

10 drops caramel bitters

10 drops dry bitter


Pour all ingredients into a shaker and fill with good quality cube ice. Stir well for approx. ten seconds and strain into the glass over fresh ice

Black Cherry Liqueur

Makes 400 ml

12g food grade black cherry essence

350ml/11.8oz vodka

100g caster sugar

1. Add essence to the vodka and mix well.

2. Leave to infuse in a sealed container for one hour.

3. Filter through a fine superbag or fine cloth and discard any unwanted sediment

4. Mix sugar into infused vodka and leave to dissolve.

5. Bottle and reserve the liqueur.


I love how light and vibrant this cocktail tastes. The aroma is insane, with a rich dill note but the with a light elderflower like floral freshness. I forget how much I enjoy the mouth-puckering dryness of sherry but I grant you, it’s not the first style of drink you’d think of ordering in a bar, but it’s a great accompaniment to lite nibbles such as olives, salted nuts, dry cheese and of course bread and oil. Due to its low alcohol content, sherry is ideal as an aperitif style drink and when creating this cocktail, I wanted to keep true to its DNA, but lift its aromatic qualities.


35ml dill pollen infused fino sherry (recipe below)

15ml elderflower cordial

75ml Prosecco

1 bar or tsp sugar syrup (optional)


Gently mix all in a flute glass.

Dill Pollen Infused Fino Sherry

1. Weigh 5g of dill pollen and drop into your vacuum bag

2. Add 350ml Fino Sherry and seal bag

3. Cook in your pre-heated water bath for 45 minutes at 50°c

4. Once cooked. Allow to cool and filter through a coffee filter and reserve the infused sherry

Cosmo de Provence

Like most drinks, made well a Cosmopolitan is a good drink. Not my kind of drink in this instance but I can still appreciate a good one. This version uses the lovely blend of savory, marjoram, rosemary, thyme and oregano all of which make up Herbes de Provence, which when left to rest with citron vodka and an orange liqueur – result in a beautiful marriage of flavours that further complement this drink.


50ml filtered Herbs de Provence mix

25ml cranberry juice

2 bar or tsps lime juice

2 bar or tsps sugar syrup

4 drops cranberry bitters


Pour all ingredients into a shaker and fill with good quality cube ice. Shake well and double strain into glass

Herbs de Provence Cosmopolitan mix

350ml citron vodka

150ml Triple Sec

10g Herbs de Provence

1. Add all to a non-reactive container

2. Seal and infuse for a minimum of 24hrs

3. Filter and reserve until needed

Cranberry Bitters

100ml vodka

150gr cranberries

1. Chop cranberries and add to a non-reactive container

2. Cover with vodka and seal

3. Leave to infuse for 24hrs

4. Filter and decant into a pipette bottle