12 king prawns, tail on shell off


100g coriander, stem and leaf

6 cloves garlic

25mm piece ginger

1 birds eye green chilli

juice and zest 1 lime,

Heat a bit of oil in a pan. Add 5 curry leaves, cook 2 minutes.

pinch of turmeric

pinch of salt

50ml oil

10 curry leaves

350ml coconut milk

10g tamarind paste

serve with plain boiled rice and naan


Paste - blend everything, including the curry leaves in oil, till smooth (add a splash of water to make it very smooth)

Toss the prawns in 10-15g of the paste – cover and leave 10 minutes

Add the remaining paste, cook 3 minutes on lowish heat

Add prawns, cook 2 minutes

Add the rest. Bring to the boil, simmer 3 minutes