350g flour

125g sugar

160g butter, cubed (unsalted)

3 yolks


15 yolks

175g sugar

1 vanilla pod

1 litre double cream

fresh nutmeg to grate

serve with soft fruits and a little pouring cream


1. Sieve flour and sugar into a bowl. Rub in the butter, add the yolks. When you get a dough, wrap up and chill 20 minutes.

2. Roll out and bake blind at 180C for 25 mintues in a 250mm tart case, cool completely

3. Filling – beat the eggs, sugar, vanilla and cream, pass through a sieve, leave to stand for 25 minutes

4. Scoop off any bubbles, the pour into the case

5. Grate on lots of nutmeg and bake at 120C for approximately 1hr 20 until fully set

6. Serve dusted with icing sugar and with fruit and cream