125g Arborio rice, rinsed for 5 full minutes until water runs clear

500ml water

pinch sea salt

1 cinnamon stick

750m -1 ltr milk

150ml cream

100g soft light brown sugar

90ml condensed milk

tsp vanilla

tsp orange blossom water

200g crème fraiche

150g toasted, flaked almonds


150g sugar

100ml water

tsp sea salt

100ml cream


1. Caramel – put the sugar and water in a pan, boil, don’t shake. As a caramel colour develops around the edge begin to swirl a little. When a golden colour is achieved take off heat and add cream and salt

2. Bring the water, cinnamon to the boil

3. Add the rice, stir well, cook 10 minutes

4. Add the milk. Cook 30 minutes, but stirring intermittently to stop it from sticking

5. Add the cream, sugar, vanilla, condensed milk. Simmer 10 minutes until thickened

6. Take off heat. Add orange blossom. Cover with cling film and cool completely

7. When cold, stir in the crème fraiche, top with almonds and sauce and serve