Serves 4


For the salad

200g watermelon, cubed

half cucumber, cubed

175g smoked feta, cubed

handful chopped mint

For the dressing

Juice and zest of 2 limes

20g sugar

15g Dijon mustard

half cucumber, peeled

150ml x v olive oil

For the chilli cakes (makes 8)

250g mashed potato

handful chopped mint

3 finely chopped sp onions

1og chilli flakes

150g flour


1. To make the dressing, blend the peeled cucumber until smooth, then pass through a sieve to remove seeds

2. Add the rest of dressing ingredients and blend again

3. For the cakes, combine everything, season well, then dust in flour and fry for 3 minutes each side and drain

4. Toss the watermelon and salad ingredients in the dressing, and serve atop the chilli cakes

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