200g grated mature red Leicester cheese

50g finely grated parmesan

tbs cornflour, mixed with approx. 25ml water to form a paste

300ml evaporated milk

25ml franks hot sauce


1kg coarse ground beef

300g bonemarrow

1 finely diced onion, cooked 10 minutes

salt & pepper

10 slices American cheese

5 sliced gherkins

10 pieces iceberg lettuce, chopped

For the burger sauce

150g mayo

50g salad cream

100g ketchup

30ml pickle juice from the gherkins

5 brioche buns, toasted and cut in half

10 slices smoked, aged streaky bacon, cooked till crisp


1. Sauce – heat everything except the cornflour on a low heat until it all melts and comes together

2. Add the cornflour, whisk well, cook 5mins. Keep warm

3. Burgers – mix it all together. Divide into 10 – flatten to burger shape. Chill 1 hour

4. Fry/griddle for 2-3 minutes each side. Add cheese, cook mins, till melted

5. Burger sauce – mix together

6. Assemble – burger sauce on bottom bun half. Then pickle, then lettuce

7. Then 2 x burgers, then bacon. Then the top bun

8. Then dip into the cheese sauce and scoff