8 slices sourdough, toasted

15g butter

15g flour

400ml full fat milk

1 tbsp Dijon

300g grated cheese – 150g mature cheddar (Montgomery) 50g each gruyere, emmental and parmesan


1 diced red onion

clove garlic

5g chilli flakes

15g tomato puree

300g chopped tomatos

75ml red wine vinegar

100g demarera sugar

chopped parsley

1 tbsp chopped gherkins


1. Chutney – fry onion and garlic gently for 5 minutes

2. Add puree, cook 8 minutes

3. Add everything else except the parsley and gherkins

4. Bring to boil, then simmer for 30 minutes until jammy

5. Take off heat, fold in parsley and gherkins

6. Cheese bit – melt the butter in a pan, add flour, cook 2 minutes

7. Add milk a little at a time and make sure it's smooth

8. Take off heat, whisk in cheese and mustard, cool a little

9. Spoon onto the toast, then grill for 5-6 minutes until browned

10. Serve with chutney and a pint