20ml oil

2 x diced onions

10g chopped garlic

4 chopped carrots

65g flour

60g curry powder

2.5ltr veg stock

45g maple syrup

45ml soy

1 bay

15g garam masala

15g cornflour mixed with 50ml water

250g sticky rice - cooked

Head cauli, cut into florets, blanch in tumeric water

100g Edamame


150g gram flour

10g turmeric

approx. 75ml - 125ml water


1. Cook onion, garlic, carrot for 12 minutes on med heat to soften and caramelize

2. Add flour and curry, cook 3 minutes

3. Gradually add stock, mix smooth at each addition before adding more

4. Add maple and soy, bring to boil, add garam masala

5. Simmer 20mins. Blend until really smooth

6. Put back in pan, add cornflour, simmer 5 minutes

7. Put the cauli in a bowl, add the flour and turmeric

8. Add just enough water to form a thick batter

9. Deep fry for4mins. Drain

10. Serve sauce with edamame in with cauliflower on top and a nice cup of rice

11. Garnish with diced cucumber and mint