Monsoon Martini with Ancho Chilli

5ml Fee Brothers black walnut bitters

10ml honey syrup

15ml Ancho Reyes - Available from Masters of Malt

25ml Black Cow vodka

30ml espresso

Shake together, and fine strain into a coupe. Dust chilli and coffee beans on the the top.

Themuls Tangle with Allspice

First step is to make the pimento foam. You get allspice powder, mix a pinch of all spice with 1 egg white

10ml sugar and whisk until it forms peaks.

35ml Haymans Sloe gin - Available from The Drink Shop

20ml lemon juice

10ml simple syrup

Shake together hard, strain into a sour glass and float foam on top.

Viceroys Old Fashioned with Bay Leaves

1 glass jar

handful bay leaves

1 part green tea

2 parts dark brown sugar

35 ml Woodford reserve - Available from Whisky Shop

5ml orange bitters

To make a simpler version at home you would want to put strong green tea and bay leaves in a jar and leave them over night to soak. Then in a pan heat the liquid 2 parts dark sugar to 1 part liquid until it becomes a thick syrup. Then simply add orange bitters, bourbon and ice and stir together.