Cranberry Toddy

10ml cranberry sauce

15ml lemon juice

25ml Ceylon Arrack - Available from The Whisky Exchange

1 cinnamon stick

1 clove

1 orange

10ml honey

65ml -hot water

Get your Arrack, add the clove, cinnamon and Orange and leave it over night, maybe over Christmas eve.

Then in a pan add the honey, cranberry sauce, lemon and water and heat. Hotter the better but don’t boil it. Turn the heat off and to the pan add the strained arrack, 25ml per 125ml of liquid.

Rosemary Martini

10ml coffee liqueur

10ml cherry liqueur

1 sprig rosemary

20ml Banks Rum - Available from Masters of Malt

35ml robust red wine

Simply add all the ingredients to a shaker and shake hard. Fine strain into a coupe and serve.

Mulled Bramble

50g caster sugar to every 200ml mulled wine.

shake or blend

35ml Colombo Gin - Available Here

10ml simple syrup

25ml lemon juice

Reduce down the mulled wine with sugar together over a low heat.

If you have shakers, then shake… if not blend the gin, syrup and lemon juice with a couple cubes of ice. Pour the lemon gin simple into a glass over ice. Then drizzle the mulled wine reduction of the top.