East Indian Gimlet

40ml Portobello Road Gin - Available from Masters of Malt

40ml Roses Lime cordial

2 dash Bittertruth Celery Bitters

1 wedge squeezed Fresh lime

pinch of Fresh Dill

Shake with ice and then fine strain into a coupe glass

Carl's Pimms Cup

35ml Pimms - Available from Ocado

125ml ginger beer

1 slice each lemon & orange

4 leaves fresh mint

2 strawberries

2 slices cucumber

2 dashes sea salt water

2 dashes peach bitters

Serve in a tall glass over ice

Atholl Brose - Available from The Whisky Exchange

45ml Johnny Walk Black Label

25ml oat milk

15ml honey

top milk stout

Mix all ingredients except the stout together with ice , strain in to a small glass. Then gently pour the stout over the back of a teaspoon on top of the drink to give a stout top.